A Personal Encounter With Tommy John

This month I posted 2 blogs about Tommy John and Dr. Frank Jobe and why both should be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After reading my posts, my wife, Tara, reminded me about the day our family met Tommy John. Below is Tara’s story about what happened that day.

In 1987, when our younger son, Matt, turned ten, our gift to him was a ticket to attend Tommy John’s Baseball Camp in New Jersey. Even by ten, Matt loved playing and watching baseball and we knew this would be a special day for him. We found out about the camp from my sister, Mavra. When she was a young adult, she gave Tommy John’s children horseback riding lessons. She suggested we bring Matt to the camp and she would personally introduce him to Tommy John.

The special day arrived. We drove from CT to NJ and picked up my sister and headed over to the camp. We stood in the registration line. Tommy John was personally registering all of the children. When it was our turn, he looked up, saw Mavra, jumped up and gave her a hug. She introduced us and we asked if we could take pictures with him. He said certainly as soon as all of the registrations were completed.

True to his word, he came and found us and I started snapping pictures of him with my sons. I suddenly looked down at the camera and realized to my utter shock, that there was no film in it! I don’t know where I found the courage, but I asked if I could leave, buy film and then reshoot the pictures. I was mortified. He was so kind and said no problem.

So, Stan and I left the camp and drove around until we found film. When the camp day ended, Tommy John once again, extremely graciously, posed for pictures with my children. It was a day we all remembered for a variety of reasons. Matt loved the camp. Brad, Matt, and Stan were thrilled to meet one of their baseball heroes and I was overwhelmed with his patience and kindness. What could have been a disappointing disaster turned into a day we never forgot and left us memories of a true gentleman and baseball hero  in all of our eyes.

Tommy John and Fans

From left to right: Brad Rothman, Matt Rothman, Tommy John, Mavra McCann, Stan Rothman


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How quaint! Film!? What is that?

September 20, 2013 07:07:47


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