The Legend of Alabama Football Continues

I don’t often write about a sport other from baseball. But, I have to write about a football game that I call a game made for TV or for the movies. The game was last night’s game between Alabama and Georgia.

The leading characters were Alabama’s two quarterbacks. The starting quarterback Tua, this year’s leading Heisman candidate, and Jalen, the backup quarterback. Both players play for the legendary college football team Alabama. The legend of Alabama football goes back to the legendary coach Bear Bryant.

A year ago in the National Championship Game Jalen was the starting QB. He had a sensational season leading Alabama to the championship game. Tua was his backup who played only in cleanup roles. In the second half of the championship game, Jalen was yanked for his poor play and Tua replaced him. Tua proceeded to lead Alabama to victory and the National Championship. As he left the game, Tua was hugged by Jalen.

Fast forward to this year. Tua became the starting QB for this season. People thought Jalen, who won several awards as a quarterback in preceding seasons, would transfer. Clearly, many college teams would have bid for him to make him their starting QB. He did not transfer, even though he knew his role would change from celebrity QB to a seldom used backup.

Fast forward to last night’s game. Tua was injured in the second half with Alabama trailing by 14 points. Jalen came off the bench and led Alabama to the win. Upon leaving the game Tua hugged Jalen. The roles had reversed.

Many times we read about the negative actions of college players. These two young men, Tua and Jalen, with their actions have added their name to the legend of Alabama football. They also have set themselves up as role models for all future college athletes.

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