Is Derek Jeter the Greatest Shortstop of All-Time?

We all know when it comes to Derek Jeter, sports people always talk about his intangibles. I decided to focus on his actually hitting and base-running statistics. I decided to compare Jeter’s statistics to the 22 Hall of Fame shortstops who played at least 1000 games. The statistics I chose are the regular season career statistics of batting average (AVG), on-base percentage (OBP), slugging percentage (SLG), on-base plus slugging (OPS), number of hits (Hits), number of home-runs (HR), number of runs-batted-in (RBI), number of runs scored (Runs), and number of stolen bases (SB). Yes, I could have chosen many other statistics like WAR and runs created but I decided to stick to the standard statistics. For each player, Table 1 below gives side-by-side each statistic with the player’s rank (R). The last column called the sum of ranks (SR) sums the ranks for each player. The lower SR is the higher the final rank of the player.


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For each player,Table 2 gives his sum of ranks (SR) and his final rank (FR).Table 2 shows Honus Wagner is the greatest all-time shortstop. But Derek fans don’ feel bad. Hey, number two is not so bad. Derek Jeter is a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer. Remember, Derek still has one more season to improve his statistics.

Ranking of Baseball Players

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