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Sandlot Stats

an innovative textbook that explains
the mathematical underpinnings of baseball
so that students can understand the world of
statistics and probability

- The Johns Hopkins University Press


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Supplemental Books | Baseball Data Sources| Additional Resources


Supplemental Class Books


Baseball Data Sources

The major source for our baseball data are websites. The five most used websites throughout this book are:


Additional Resources



Book Title



Mathematics and Sports

Joseph Gallian

Mathematical Association of America

The Hidden Language of Baseball

Paul Dickson

Walker Publishing Company

The Numbers Game

Alan Schwarz

St. Martins Press

1941 The Greatest Year in Sports

Mike Vaccaro


Baseball Between The Numbers

Jonah Keri

Basic Book

Mathematician At The Ballpark

Ken Ross

Pearson Education Inc.

Curve Ball

Jim Albert and Jay Bennett

Copernicus Books

Baseball’s All-Time Best Sluggers

Michael Schell

Princeton University Press

Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract

Bill James

Free Press

Joe DiMaggio The Hero’s Life

Richard Ben Cramer

Simon and Schuster

Juicing The Game

Howard Bryant

Plume Book

Sandy Koufax A Lefty’s Legacy

Jane leavy


The Hidden Game Of Baseball

John Thorn and Pete Palmer

Doubleday Dolphin

Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics

Dan Flockhart


The Runmakers

Frederick Taylor

Johns Hopkins Press

Jackie Robinson And The Integration of Baseball

Scott Simon

John Wiley and Sons



Sandlot Stats: Learning Statistics with Baseball by Stanley Rothman is published by The Johns Hopkins University Press


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