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Interesting Facts

The readings found in the supplemental topics contain interesting facts and themes from the history of baseball. The supplemental topics are setup as chapters which correspond to the introduction and the 18 chapters contained in the book “Sandlot Stats”.

Each chapter will begin with a heading consisting of keywords and phrases. Many of the supplementary chapter topics relate directly to the contents found in the corresponding chapter of “Sandlot Stats”; while other supplementary chapters just contain interesting baseball topics.

It should be mentioned that the baseball records and statistics found within the readings are only current through the year 2008. Since the records of baseball are constantly changing every day, feel free to update the statistics in this book to the current year.


Facts Chapter
Sandlots Stats Chapter
Interesting Topics
Download PDF file by clicking on the link
for each chapter
Intro Intro
  • The Origin of Baseball
  • Baseball’s Trip to Cooperstown
  • The Civil War and Baseball
Intro PDF
1 1
  • The Arrival of the Hot Dog at Baseball Stadiums
  • Other Baseball Promotions
  • The Song “Take Me Out To the Ballgame
Ch. 1 PDF
2 2
  • The Box Score in Baseball
  • Timeline for the Rules of Baseball
  • Umpire History
Ch. 2 PDF
3 3
  • Career Triple Crown Winners
  • Anti-Triple Crown Losers
  • Double Crown Winners
  • The Language of Baseball
  • Baseball and Medicine
Ch. 3 PDF
4 4
  • The Role of Numbers 3 and 4 in Baseball
  • Geometry and Baseball
  • The Pythagorean Theorem and Baseball
  • Magic Numbers in Baseball
Ch. 4 PDF
5 5
  • Election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame Trivia
  • Quotations from Presidents about Baseball
  • Quotations by Baseball People about Baseball
  • Yogi Berra’s Phrases (Yogisms)
Ch. 5 PDF
6 6

Various Barnstorming Tours Including:

  • The House of David
  • Women
  • Satchel Paige and Bob Feller
  • Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig
Ch. 6 PDF
7 7
  • Evolution of Professional Baseball Leagues
  • The Original Baseball Teams and Cities
  • Baseball’s Rapid Expansion
  • Beginning in 1960
Ch. 7 PDF
8 8
  • The Black Sox Scandal
  • “Shoeless” Joe Jackson
  • Famous Movies Depicting Scandal
Ch. 8 PDF
9 9
  • History of Yankee Stadium (1923-2008)
  • Memorable Baseball Events at Yankee Stadium
  • Memorable Non-Baseball Events at Yankee Stadium
  • Comparison of Fenway Park to Yankee Stadium
Ch. 9 PDF
10 10
  • History of the World Series
  • Father of the World Series
Ch. 10 PDF
11 11
  • The Leading Home Run Hitters for each Decade
  • Home Run Trivia
  • Longest and Shortest Home Runs
  • Fabulous Home Run Feats by Great Players
  • Grand Slam Facts
  • Four Home Runs in One Game
  • Greatest Home Run Hitters that were the Best Contact Hitters
Ch. 11 PDF
12 12
  • Odd Baseball Events
  • Odd Home Run Events
  • Intentional Base on Balls (IBB) Trivia
Ch. 12 PDF
13 13
  • The Bonehead Play
Ch. 13 PDF
14 14
  • Rookie Records
  • Unusual Records
  • Firsts for Foreign-Born Players
  • Six Hits in One Nine-Inning Game
Ch. 14 PDF
15 15

Quotations from:

  • Henry Aaron
  • Barry Bonds
  • Joe DiMaggio,
  • Ted Williams
  • Casey Stengel
Ch. 15 PDF
16 16
  • The Negro Baseball Leagues
  • The Women’s Professional Baseball Leagues
  • Some of the Greatest Negro League Players
  • The Last Man to Bat .400 in an American Professional Baseball League
  • The Last Person to bat .400 in an American Professional Baseball League
  • The First African American Players to Join Each Major League Team
  • Women Offered Minor League Contracts
Ch. 16 PDF
17 17
  • The Lively Ball Era Compared to Dead Ball Era
  • Pseudo .400 Hitters
  • Which Hall of Fame Record will Stand the Longest
  • The Highest Career IPBA (In-Play Batting Averages)
  • Best Contact Hitters of All-Time
  • More Batting Trivia
  • Current Players Hitting .400 Late in the Season
  • Closest Batting Title Race
Ch. 17 PDF
18 18
  • Top Ten Sluggers
  • Top Ten Players
  • Top Ten Teams
  • Top Ten Percentage Hall of Fame Vote Getters
  • Top Ten Moments in Baseball
  • The Shot Heard ‘Round the World’
Ch. 18 PDF

The above facts were compiled from the books and web resources found in the Links section.



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